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Appeal for India 2019 mission project

In January of this year Upward Movement Ministries participated in a mission trip to India. Jeannette taught sewing to a class of 23 students, primarily ladies, widows and single moms who are marginalized and facing very difficult lives. We graduated all 23 students and provided them with sewing machines, supplies and enough funds to get the machines home and start a business.

We received a report in October that 19 of the 23 ladies have started small businesses and are beginning to provide for themselves and help their communities. Praise God!

From January 13-Feb 7 of 2019, Upward Movement Ministries will once again join the Sabnani's team on another mission trip to India. We have 50 special ladies that have been selected to be part of the upcoming class.

We hope to gift each of them with a sewing machine, supplies and enough funds to get the machines home and to start a small business.

We are also planning on donating 5 sewing machines to start a center of influence at the local church school campus where selected students can come back and teach ladies in the community how to sew and to also learn about the Love of Jesus in action.

To make this gift possible we will need $200 per ladies. As you contemplate different causes worthy of your giving on this holiday, would you consider this incredible project to India.

You can make a gift by visiting our website and take advantage of our PayPal account or simply mail your check to Upward Movement ministries PO Box 10057 Bedford, NH 03110.

Thank you once again for your support to UMM and Season's Greetings!

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